Download AOL Gold

    Download AOL Gold

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    AOL Desktop Gold is a software application developed by AOL Inc. This software is designed to make the user experience better by providing easy access to the web, email, browsing, instant messaging, and entertainment services. You can Download AOL Gold on your Windows or Mac device to enjoy using the AOL services. Download and setup of the software are very easy and simple. Even if you have no technical knowledge, you can still Download AOL Gold and install it on your system. The software comes with advanced capabilities like two-step encryption and interactive UI to share better user experience.

    Download AOL Gold

    In this guide, we are going to share all the information about Desktop AOL Gold, its features, capabilities, and how you can download it on your device. So, read the post carefully to witness the best emailing and browsing experience on your device.

    Features of AOL Desktop Gold

    The all-new version of Desktop AOL Gold comes with exciting features and unique capabilities. Along with the friendly interface, AOL supports highly advanced security features to keep the user’s data protected from cyber crimes and online threats. Once you start using the AOL services, you won’t find any platform better than AOL. However, if you ever face any trouble with AOL, you can always take expert assistance to mitigate the problem. Here are some exciting AOL features that you would like to know about:

    Features of AOL Desktop Gold

    • Automatic Upgrades

    Usually, people are unable to keep track of their software updates. But, this is not the case if you Install AOL Gold because AOL supports the feature of automatic upgrade. So, whenever the new software update is available, this feature detects the update and installs it on the user’s device. This helps the users in saving their time and efforts that they may need to put to download the updates manually.


    • Simple, Interactive and Attractive Interface

    The interface plays a very important role in the success of any software or application. If the software interface is not easy to use, the user may not use the application again. AOL Desktop Gold has a simple and easy to use interface, interactive design and attractive features.

    • Advanced Security Features

    Security of account is very important while using any software. The latest version of AOL Desktop Gold has highly advanced security features like two-step verification which helps the users in protecting their account and information from the internal and external threats.

    • Encrypted Security

    Sharing your data on any other platform can be dangerous, but if you have installed the AOL Gold device, you can share data on any platform without a doubt. AOL shares the data in an encrypted format which makes sure that information is safe from being stolen from intruders.

    • 24/7 AOL Support

    AOL provides 24/7 support to the customers. So, whenever the users feel like they need help, they can contact the AOL experts and seek their assistance to figure the solution.

    • Screenshot Capturing

    With Desktop AOL Gold, you can prevent the other software from taking a screenshot, this will help you to protect the sensitive data against all kinds of online threats. However, you can turn off this screen capture option and take a screenshot (prefer not to disable the option).

    System Requirements to Download AOL Desktop Gold

    Before you download AOL Gold on your device, you need to make sure that your device fulfills all the system requirements for downloading the AOL Gold. Here is the list of important things that you must have in your system:

    • Operating System – You can Download AOL Gold on Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, and Mac Operating System.
    • System Processor- 266Mhz or faster computer processor is recommended.
    • RAM- Minimum 1 GB RAM is required.
    • Hard Disk Space – Minimum 512 Mb hard Disk space is required.
    • Internet Connection – Strong and stable internet connection is needed to complete the AOL downloading and installation process.

    You may require more space to Install AOL Gold then mentioned if you are having a sizable personal filing cabinet. This condition is only an application when you want to update the software. Once your system requirements are fulfilled, you are all set to download and install the AOL Desktop Gold on your device. So, download the software and enjoy using the AOL services.

    Download AOL Desktop Gold for Windows and Mac


    If you are New With AOL

    At this point, you are supposed to create an AOL account and go for the AOL Membership to access the Desktop Gold services. Here are the simple instructions you can follow:

    • Visit the AOL website using a web browser and create the AOL account. Provide all the necessary details to create the account like Username, Email ID, Date of Birth, Gender, etc.
    • Once you have signed in, get a login to the account.
    • Choose the AOL membership plan, or you can also go for the 30 days free trial.
    • Go to the ‘AOL Email Service webpage’ and login to the ‘AO Account’. Find the message on your email with the subject ‘Start with AOL Desktop Gold’ and follow the onscreen instructions.
    • Follow the link and download AOL Gold to your account.
    • Once the downloading is completed, follow the onscreen instructions to complete the installation process.
    • Now, you are all set to use the AOL services for better email and browsing experience.

    Now, you are a part of AOL and you have the AOL account. At this point, you can go to the Benefits section in your AOL account and click on the Download option that shows AOL Gold download.

    • Go to the AOL Login page and explore the ‘AOL Benefit’ section.
    • Now, find AOL Gold in this section and click on the Download option.
    • Once the downloading process is complete, install AOL gold by following the on-screen guidelines.
    • Explore the best services and features offered by the AOL.

    Unable to Download AOL God for Windows and Mac devices?

    There are very few chances that you face trouble in AOL Gold download and installation. But, if you do, don’t panic! With some simple troubleshooting guidelines, you can fix the AOL issues and complete the installation without any hassle.

    Here are some troubleshooting tips to resolve AOL Desktop Gold Download and Install Issues:

    Check System Requirements

    If your device does not meet the system requirements to download Desktop gold, you won’t be able to complete the process. So, make sure your Windows and ac device meets all the system requirements.

    Restart the Computer

    If you have not rebooted your Windows or Mac device in a while, reboot it now. This will help you to clear the RAM that often resolves the downloading issues.

    Run Antivirus

    There is a possibility that you are unable to Install AOL Gold due to the presence of viruses and malware in your device. Run the antivirus program and remove the virus from your device.

    Check Damaged Driver Files

    Sometimes, the corrupted and damaged drivers also not let users complete the downloading process. So, remove all the drivers and install the updated version of drivers.

    These troubleshooting guidelines can help you fix the AOL Gold download errors. But, if you are still unable to install AOL Gold on your device, we recommend you to contact the AOL experts and seek their assistance to figure out the problem and best possible solution for troubleshooting. AOL experts will share the best possible solution to resolve the problem and make sure nothing comes between you and your AOL experience.

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